Airdrop for $100

10 years of community

Listing Gate.io


The Dolan meme is one of the Internet phenomena around which an active community has formed. It was first published in 2010 on the Finnish image website Kuvaton, and since then a form of comics has evolved featuring the character Dolan, stylized in the likeness of Dolan Duck from Volta Dosni.

This meme is characterized by its absurdity and often dark humor. Dolan's comics often feature inappropriate use of the English language, which is also his trademark.

The most unique thing about Dolan is our payout system. We are giving away $100 worth of DOLAN tokens daily to random token holders, regardless of their portfolio size. This means that every day you have a chance to receive $100 simply for being a DOLAN holder. This makes Dolan not just another DeFi project, but a unique ecosystem that strives to give every participant the opportunity to gain additional benefits.

How does the taxes work?

1 Simply purchase a DOLAN token and you will automatically add $100 to the AirDrop pool.
2 25% Marketing Wallet Tax creates a savings pool for $100 AirDrop, Gate.io listing, sweepstakes, and community.
3 Keep Dolan in your wallet and receive a $100 Dolan AirDrop.



  • Pre-sale on Pinksale
  • Start of trading on the DEX exchange
  • Listing your Pancakeswop
  • Listing CMC and CG


  • 30 AirDrop $100
  • Two draws among major holders
  • 5 distributions in the right communities
  • Advertising posts
  • Three advertising integrations
  • Promote posts on Twitter
  • Payment for premium subscription Premium TG+twitter


  • Listing CEX Gate.io - one of our key goals is to provide more investors with access to our project.
  • Setting the price of 1 token at $100 is our goal, which will be achieved through strategic planning and smart token management.
  • Conducting over 700 Airdrops per year is not only an opportunity to distribute our tokens to our community, but also a great way to attract new investors and create activity around our project.


total number of tokens: 694,201,337
Token distribution:
TAX: 0% purchase / 10% sale.

  • Liquidity (60%): Most of the tokens (416,520,802.2) are reserved to provide liquidity on various DeFi platforms.
  • Pre-sale (28.9%): (200,624,186,393) tokens for initial public offering (Pinksale)
  • CEX (6.9%): (190,000,000) tokens reserved for listing on centralized exchanges (CEX) such as Gate.io
  • Advertising (4.2%): (10,000,000) tokens will be used for marketing and advertising campaigns.


If you would like to become our partner or offer advertising, please contact us by email at info@dolan.finance. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

Telegram chat moderator, Dolan tweet mastermind, meme creators, Telegram sticker sets, meme artists. If you are interested, please contact us!

Our smart contract and reliable links to purchase 100S will be published on the official Dolan website and on our official social networks. Please stay tuned for updates.

To buy tokens on Pinksale, you need:
- Go to the official Pinksale website.
- Login to your MetaMask or Binance Smart Chain wallet.
- Select Dolan from the list of available tokens.
- Enter the number of tokens you want to buy.
- Click "Confirm" and follow the instructions.

To receive tokens on Pinksale, you need to follow the same steps as when purchasing, only for this you need to select the “Get Tokens” tab and follow the instructions.

Collecting payments helps keep Dolan's project going. A 5% tax on each transaction goes into the pool for daily payouts of $100 to a random Dolan token holder. This is a unique aspect of our project that makes holding Dolan tokens not only potentially profitable, but also exciting.

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If yu wud lyk tu partner wit us or offer advertising, pls contact us by email at info@dolan.finance. We r always open tu nue ideas nd suggestions.