Dolan appears in his chosen indie death game on called Kil Crazy Jay in 20 seconds.
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Dolan is the originator of the word PLS, which means “pls.”

There is a table at that shows how popular Dolan was in 2010 and somehow he was popular even in 2004. And it is unknown when the character was named "Dolan". The comic appeared in 2010, but it is also unknown, and this meme has become so popular on the Internet. The earliest known evidence of this first appeared in comics around 2010, but SOMEHOW the name "Dolan" became popular after the first comic published online.

Dolan's first comic had no features or origins for the face or emotion that appeared online. First, the earliest known character who may have been similar in appearance to Dolan originated from a comic strip featuring Daisy Duck.

There is a Youtube channel by Dolan that appears frequently on Youtube called "teh uncel Dolan shwo" and appears along with numerous comics found in 4 hours. The person who created the Youtube show was a Youtube user named SweederLander. After the launch of the SweederLander show, another user named Jared Malinowski created his own "Uncel Dolan show" where all the voices were done using Speakonia and Dolan was voiced by Microsoft Mike. Jared Malinowski's performance made the Spodeman character more popular and recognizable as he got older.

Lick Dolan, other co-workers' names were found on Jeopardy. One of the failed guesses was based on video game characters that could be related to Dolan's poor English, such as Sanik, Denki Kan, and even Princess Zorlda. Since these Jeopardy guesses were mentioned, and since all the people involved in the game said bad things about it, I'm also making a reference to one of the characters other than Dolan. Denki Kan appears to have blue skin like Sanik, although he looks thin and has lips that look like he's whistling. Unlike Dolan, Denki Kan has a modified, well-drawn appearance and is not mentioned as often, so he may or may not be part of Dolan's characters.

There was also another source where Dolan can be found called "Wiki Where Dolan Is and It Contains Articles and Facts All About Dolan and Other Characters." Additionally, on the website, most of the facts are written in the same style as Dolan or in comic book form.   (click here to open this website,

We recently made a video called "Chica vs. Dolan Duck" on Animation Rewind. SPOILERS: Dolan technically wins.

There are also channels inspired by Dolan himself, such as Danger Dolan and spuer planut Dolan, which are famous "theoretical channels".

In the television show The Amazing World of Gumball, Dolan appears as the school mascot, where Gumball wears the mascot costume.

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